Pricing for Laundry Services

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We offer bi-weekly service. Please call customer service for more details: (323) 455-3000

For special folding instructions or people with kids clothes or clothing which might need extra care, the price will be $3 per pound. Please call our customer care (323) 455-3000 or Email us for more details.

Large household and bedding items will be removed before weighing and billed on a per-piece basis.
For a complete list of large items and dry cleaning prices, click here.
There is a minimum $35.00 charge for pickup and delivery.

Sample Pricing


Comforter (King): $25.00

Comforter (Queen): $20.00

Comforter (Twin): $17.00


Bedspread: $20.00

Mattress Pads: $20.00

Standard Pillows: $8.00

Large Pillows: $10.00

Dry Cleaning

Laundered Shirts: $5.75

2 Piece Suits: $10

3 Piece Suits: $14

Pants: $7.00

Men’s Jackets: $7.00

Ties: $4.75

Sport Jerseys: $8.00

Dresses: $8.00 and up

Blouse: $5.50

Sweater $7.00

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